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2023 MRRA Meeting Schedule

March 14, Board Meeting, 7:00PM - Zoom
May 24, Board Meeting, 7:00PM - Zoom
June 3, Board Meeting & Membership Meeting 1 Hour after cease fire - Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club, Harris, MN
Sept 13, Board Meeting, 7:00PM - Zoom
December 2, Board Meeting, 10:00AM - Membership Meeting, 12:30 PM - Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club, Harris, MN

Minnesota Juniors made their presence known at the USA Shooting Junior Olympics
The USA Shooting JO qualification match was held in February at St. Thomas Academy and hosted by The X-Men Jr Club. This year, the MN Centershots brought their Megalink Electronic Target System to the range so the juniors could shoot to qualify on them rather than the traditional paper targets. It was a delight for many and easier to manage than multiple paper targets.

The overall winner, and women's high, was Julianna Hays in both air rifle and smallbore disciplines with scores of 591-44x and 582-34x respectively. On the men's side Tanner Barth scored a 580-31x in air rifle and a 572-28x in smallbore. Both juniors earned the State Titles and an auto-qualifying invitation to the national championship. Along with them, three other juniors found themselves making the first round cut scores and an invitation as well! Congratulations to them: Megan Jaros, Parker Sullivan, and Nathan Engman. Allison Buesseler, auto-qualified for both air and smallbore at the U of KY Rifle campus range as did Gavin Barnick at the U of AK-Fairbanks range to biring the total of MN junior competitors to seven!

The National Junior Olympic Rifle Championship was held at Hillsdale College in May. The CMP supplied their mobile range which provided 50 air rifles and 30 smallbore Kongsberg Electronic Scoring Targets filling the Margot V. Biermann Athletic Center. Air rifle was a two day event consisting of 60 shots standing, while smallbore was also two days of 3x20 fired from 50 feet.

There were 97 women and 109 men entered in the air rifle events. Top Minnesota juniors were Allison Buesseler who finished 11th overall with a two day tally of 1240.1-85x and Gavin Barnick who came in 4th for the men with 1244.6-95x. Of special note, Parker Sullivan won 2nd place for the U15 age group with a two day score of 1186.5-48x.

For smallbore 96 women and 69 men had entered. Tanner had the top MN Men's score of 1136-40 for a 26th overall place finish while Julianna's 1146-44 helped her hold the top MN Women's spot at 31st overall.

Along with their national match experience, the juniors from Minnesota had many personal best scores and should feel very proud to have earned their invites to this high level competition. Their passion for the sport shined through each day as they left with a smile on their faces and many new friends they made while there.

Congratulations to each of them!


Minnesota 2022 Gallery Smallbore State Champion

Megan Jaros won the overall and Junior MN Gallery (Indoor) State Championship held on April 1 & 2, 2022.
The match is shot in 4 Positions, Standing, Kneeling, Sitting and Prone. Megan won the 4 X 10 match with a 398 out of 400 and the 4 X 20 match with a 789.

Congratulations Megan!

2021 MN State Airgun Championship


Former Minnesota Smallbore junior Shooter, Patrick Sunderman has qualified to shoot
for Team USA at the Summer the Olympics in Toyko!
Minnesota Junior Shooters Go To 2021 Junior Olympics

Six Minnesota Juniors qualified for the Junior Olympics this year. The Junior Olympics are going to be held in Hillsdale, MI in May. All of the Precision Centershots team members qualified for air rifle, smallbore or both! Representing Minnesota at the Junior Olympics will be Allison Buesseler, Julianna Hays, Megan Jaros, Tanner Barth, Nathan Engman and Parker Sullivan. (Click for more).

In Other Junior Shooter News

Allison Buesseler qualified for the American Legion Air Rifle Nationals (only top 15 shooters in the nation get an invitation). Plus, the Centershots Team finished 3rd at the CMP Regionals to earn an invite to the CMP 3-Position Air Rifle Nationals at Camp Perry this July. It is going to be a busy spring and summer for their parents!

The Forest Lake Times Interview with the Buesseler sisters.
Minnesota Junior Rifle shooter, Allision Buesseler signed to shoot on the University of Kentucky rifle team. University of Kentucky is a NCAA Division 1 Rifle Team. Allision will join the team this coming fall (2021). MRRA wishes Allision great success at college and on the rifle team.

Due to the governor's WuFlu closure order the MN State Airgun Championship, scheduled for Dec. 13th, has been canceled.
Congratulations to Pat Scully for his F-Class National Championship Win!

Congratulations to our Minnesota Juniors for their finish in the Junior Olympic Championship in Colorado Springs.
Results - Men | Results - Women
A Report from Junior Chairman Bill Buesseler: Click Here

Pictured are: Sporter Team: Coach Paul Preblich, Michael Driscoll, Joesph Brennan, Jack Martin and Kaleb Rutgers. The Precision Team are: Nathan Engman, Tanner Barth, Gavin Barnick, Allison Buesseler and Coach Bill Buesseler. On the far right is Army Marksmanship Unit team member and former Minnesota Junior Patrick Sunderman.
After being missing for 42 years, the combined (adult & Jr.) MN State Champion Air Rifle traveling trophy has resurfaced. It appears to have been hanging in a shooters basement since 1973. No, it was not in Lance Peters basement. The Montgomery Precision Air Rifle tournament started in 1969. Since the trophy has been found will go back to using it. I hope to have it on display at the MN Air Rifle Championship on New Year's Eve.

As a side bar, it is hard to believe that air rifle started in the 60's. Most shooters think of air rifle as being a relatively new sport.

There are many years missing names / years from the trophy and I hope to fill in the gaps. The plaque has tags for 1969 through 1973, plus I have information for several more years. If you have any records of MN State Air Rifle Champion's please email me or call me with the information. I am looking for the winner's name, year won and if you have it the score.
So far I have the following information:
1969 - C. Peterson (tag) 1969 - H. Woltman (tag) 1970 - C. Peterson (tag)
1971 - H. Woltman (tag) 1972 - H Woltman (tag) 1973 - L. Peters (tag)
1978 - L. Peters 1980 - L. Peters 1981 - L. Peters
1983 - L. Peters 1984 - L. Peters 1986 - R. Lund
1988 - L. Peters 1991 - R. Lund 1994 - L. Peters
2008 - E. Quiner, JORC. 2011 - Alex Giesar, JORC.

Many thanks to Rodney Lund for recovering the trophy. We were also very lucky that Rod Lund Called Lance Peters to get his records. Lance gave Rodney his information a couple of days before he passed away. In several years there may not have been an adult championship but there was a Junior Olympic Championship. In those years we will use the JORC winner if it is submitted.

So if you won the MN Air Rifle Championship or know someone that has or have an old match bulletin, please send the name, year and score (or bulletin) if available to me. I will have tags made and placed on the trophy.

George Minerich, MRRA President

George Minerich, MRRA President

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