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The MRRA is not responsible for any sales or lack thereof.
The Buyer and Seller are responsible for compliance of all National, State and local laws.

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Smallbore rifles with accessories.
Walther KK 300 - $3500.00 or Best Offer

Feinwekbau $3000.00

Contact Norman:

1. Creedmoor hardback Cordura shooting coat, size 48. Sold
2. Creedmoor kneeling roll. Price $20
3. Creedmoor chair with wheel kit and gun rack brackets. Sold
4. Creedmoor ground mat. Price $50.
5. Creedmoor rain cover which covers chair and gun equipment. Sold
6. leather shell box for off hand, pasters, rubber padded size 38 jeans, 2 shooting gloves one thin and the other thick. Price $45 for all.

Pictures available for any item.


I'm remodeling my indoor pistol range and no longer need my Peoria Bullet Trap. The trap is adequate for at least full power 44 magnum. I have shot several 5 gallon buckets of 45ACP into it. It weighs about 80 lbs and sits on 3 steel legs. The bullets are stopped by a heavy swirl chamber and deposited into a coffee can hanging below the chamber. You can then melt and recycle your lead thus reducing bullet costs! The trap is adjustable for height if you want to lower it for shooting small bore prone or sitting.

PRICE IS $275.00
Email me for pictures:

F-Class Open Rifle Package For Sale

Winchester .260 Right hand
New McMillan F-Class stock ($550 new plus cheek piece)
30 inch x 1.125 inch Bartlein barrel, no taper

Misc. Supplies
.260 Lapua brass 390 - (100 rounds loaded)
.260 Redding neck die set
.260 Chamber reamer
8 Redding titanium bushings - various sizes
1 Forster seater die
1 Wilson bullet seater die
1 Forster shoulder bump die
Nosler brass - 141
Package deal for rifle and supplies.
$1,950 Rifle and supplies

Lead bullets for sale
.38 cal, 158 gr SWC - $38
.45 cal, 185 gr SWC - $47
.45 cal, 200 gr SWC - $49
per box of 500

Contact Wally at 952-300-0184

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