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Match Winner Bob Peasley

1st High Master John Andres

1st Master Andreas Scholz

1st Expert Phil Carlson

1st SS/MK Leo Huhta

Dean (Odie) Odegaard

Match Results

It has been thirty years since the Elk River Sportsmans Club last hosted the NRA State High Power Rifle Championship match. In fact, back then the club was called the St. Louis Park Sportsmans Club. So it can be said that 2006 was the first time the Elk River Sportsmans Club has hosted this match. A lot has changed in these thirty years. Back then it was strictly a 30 caliber game. The AR15s were not even a dream. Bolt rifles ruled, with M14s second. There were still a number of M1s and even a Springfield or two on the line.

What has not changed is the determination of the competitors. Sure, a lot of faces have changed. But the dedication remains and the tradition continues on. We wish to thank the MRRA for allowing us to host this match. Hopefully we met the challenge. Also, we must thank the competitors who braved the hot weather. Without you there would not be a match. It was gratifying to have a good showing of new shooters, some of whom did very well. They represent the future of our sport.

Finally, we look forward to seeing you at our future matches. August 12 (4 gun 600) and August 13 (80 shot OTC) and again in mid-September. Please visit our web site at Elk River Sportsmans Club to down load the match programs and for other information about activities at our club.

See you on the range.

Denny B.

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